Pump-up your Empathy Muscles

Green communication is about your connection to others and building empathy. Green communication is when you attempt to put yourself in in somebody's else's shoes and speak from their point of view, which is more than just listening! In general, Green Communication increases our ability to connect, trust then work together for superior results!


The Science of You and How you Communicate

Blue communication is about β€œme, myself and I”, aligning what you say with what you mean and feel. Once you master Green, it's time to challenge yourself to learn the powerful art of Blue.  Just like salt, it's essential to use in the right doses. Blue is informing others accurately about our ideas, facts, feelings and opinions. Being understood brings clarity. Ego is a great worker but a terrible boss!


The Power of Chaordic Process

Red communication is the call-to-action. Decisions and actions come naturally from the right timing, order and proportion of Green and Blue. Think of Red as picking a ripe fruit. Separating and using these 3 colours in a particular order and proportion works miracles. Be it to influence others or to help understand them and build relationships. You can now sow, grow and harvest the benefits of powerful communication!


The Martial Art of Relationship

The Black level in this communication journey, is like the black-belt, demonstrating strength and balance when faced with challenges. Mastering Green, Blue and Red fuels the chemistry in your relationships. This provides a foundation for conscious relationships, in which you cultivate polarity between and within people.